The pandemic has brought about economic downturns in many sectors of the economy but Malta’s property market has not seen any slowing down. Taking into consideration the adverse effects of the pandemic on travel and tourism much of Malta’s property market success is its dependance on local buyers.

Malta is a nation of homeowners who would rather invest in a home than renting. The Maltese have an emotional attachment to investment in real estate, which they believe in the long term will continue to appreciate, as the availability of land will always be limited.

The low return of financial investments strengthens the belief that property investment is almost risk-free with better returns.

Malta’s property market has consistently been one of the top performers in the EU market, seeing investment returns outperforming other sectors such as precious metals and commodities.

Market analysts’ predictions are that it is unlikely that property prices will come down, so don’t postpone buying a property.

One of the most used adages in real estate ” The best time to buy property, is always now”

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