About Malta

Why Malta?

The pleasant year-round weather, the friendliness of the people and the general well-being enjoyed in Malta is conducive to a healthy and comfortable lifestyle. Malta is politically stable with very low crime rates ,a highly evolved education and health services. Read more

Malta Information

Malta is an island of 360km squared. It has 300 days of sunshine a year and English and Maltese are the official languages.The population of Malta 450 000 of which 30 000 are expats. Tourism makes up 30% GDP with over 1.6 million visitors a year. Read more

Residency and Citizenship

Citizenship (IIP) programme in Malta requires a financial contribution of € 650 000  and a purchase of property.There are 2 Residency schemes being offered in Malta that could be yours for an investment in property from € 275 000 as long as certain terms are met. Read more