Malta, a Perfect 3 Day Itinerary of What to Do and Where to Visit

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Malta offers a captivating blend of Italian, Arab, and British influences, creating a unique and unforgettable experience. From Union Jack [...]

Discovering Malta: Who Relocates, Culture, Language etc.

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Who Usually Moves to Malta? Typically, Malta attracts a diverse range of individuals and groups who choose to relocate to [...]

Malta a gem of an island in the Mediterranean Sea

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If you have no idea what Malta looks like have a peek at the following video  

Annual Events in Malta you need to know about

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Malta events vary considerably in genre from live music performances to dance, visual arts and food and drink festivals The Arts [...]

Malta’s MICHELIN Bib Gourmand Restaurant guide 2023

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In Malta, there are currently no Michelin star restaurants. However, there are several Michelin Bib Gourmand restaurants that have been [...]

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