Diversify your portfolio with property in Malta

Buy for investment, but-to-let or buy -to -holiday

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  • Strategically located in the heart of the Mediterranean with close ties to mainland Europe, North Africa and the Middle East
  • Malta’s excellent port infrastructure makes it an ideal logistical hub in the Mediterranean
  • Malta’s high-end manufacturing and knowledge based sectors make the islands a best choice for investment



  • Joining the EU in 2004 Malta has a full functioning open market economy
  • Malta has been able to respond to international trends and react quickly, due mainly to their progress and flexibility.
  • Their government is pro-business and wants to strengthen Malta as an open market economy
  • Malta was one of the last EU countries to enter the recession and the first to recover
  • Malta Stock Exchange Index finished 2015 up 33%, one of the world’s best performing indices
  • Malta’s credit rating 2017 is upgraded by Standard and Poor’s to ‘A+’



  • National language is Maltese but both English and Maltese are considered official languages
  • Most Maltese are bilingual with many able to also speak Italian



  • Malta has a fantastic supply of top graduates who are technologically experienced
  • There is a huge availability of technical and management staff
  • The Maltese labor force is extremely productive and hard working. Highly educated with an excellent work ethic
  • The unemployment rate as of August 2017 is 4.1 per cent the lowest across the EU’s 28 member states,


          International Finance Centre

  • Due to Malta’s traditional and conservative approach to it’s financial services, it never experienced a real financial

crisis thus making it recognised as an international financial services hub

  • Malta’s reputation was solidified due to the resilience and stability showed during the financial crisis.
  • Globally this did not go unnoticed and this is expected to fuel further growth


          ICT infrastructure

  • A huge amount of consolidation and investment has been made to ensure a reliable Information Communication

Technology (ITC) infrastructure

  • Malta has always considered it to be vitally and strategically important to be economically well connected to the world
  • The ITC infrastructure here is well developed and liberal, this contributing to Malta becoming a regional centre of

excellence in the financial and ITC fields


          Low Corporation Tax

  • A full imputation tax system has existed in Malta since 1948
  • Corporate tax stands at a rate of 35%
  • However upon distribution of dividends, shareholders may qualify for a refund equivalent of 6/7th of tax paid.

Resulting in paid tax of 5%


          Safe and pleasant lifestyle

  • Malta scores very high on safety, health and true quality of life
  • Best in Europe in Health care. 1st class in public and private hospitals
  • Crime rate is very low
  • Hospitality and friendliness of the locals
  • Wealth of history, culture and food