Many articles have been published of late advising South Africans to re-look at their wealth and investments, considering the unstable political environment, inflation, high crime rate and collapsing infrastructure.

Living in South African with our superb climate and food, being with family and friends is something we don’t want to change but we do need to manage the risks associated with the country.

Leading South African economists of the like of Dawie Roodt, Magnus Heystek and Vestact founder Paul Theron all advise South Africans to externalise their wealth.

They further advise South Africans to avoid buying property or any fixed assets in South Africa, that are illiquid by nature, as they present a significant risk to their wealth and cannot be disposed of easily. South Africans need to have a diversified portfolio, with a large portion invested abroad.

Apart from protecting your wealth against political and economic problems in South Africa, there are also more investment opportunities in international markets.

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