Early investors will see the greatest returns
Malta, has of late, seen many new developments being built and sold off plan. While it might sound crazy to purchase a home that doesn’t exist, if you’re patient and willing to wait, it could quite possibly mean owning the property of your dreams.


Property bought off plan is cheaper because:-


  • Developers, in order to limit financial risk, will sell units off-plan. As buyers are not able to see the physical property, they will demand a lower price, relying purely on the developers reputation, the property location and artists impressions of the property
  • Highly beneficial payment structures are offered of a 10% deposit, with the balance of payment on completion. You will meanwhile enjoy appreciation of your property in a rising market, meaning you’ll own  a property worth more than you paid by the time the deal settles after construction
  • As the construction progresses, as more units get sold, so the prices of the remaining units rise, making your property more profitable.


Advantages of the off-plan purchase
  • Excitement of being the first person to live in a home
  • Pay only 10% deposit initially and the balance of payment on completion.
  • First pick, you get the chance to choose the best from the selection provided. If you wait until construction has finished, only the leftovers will be available and in most cases these are the ones that would be less sought after.  Choosing the best units, which always offer higher capital appreciation in the smallest time frame, also demand the greatest rental incomes. Penthouses are often firm favourites with investors.
  • You lock your price, you’ll see an immediate increase in value of up to 35% from buying on plan to finished.
  • No rush to move in
  • Plenty of time to organise your finances, save for furniture and appliances etc.
  • Time to sell existing property if need be
  • You are able to choose your own floor plans and colour schemes according to your personal requirements
  • No repair costs or ongoing maintenance that an older property often requires.
  • Can also be a good short term investment opportunity to buy on plan and sell onto a second buyer later on


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