As Malta is a small island and the demand for real estate is high, this makes it an investors market

The buy-to-let market is seeing 3.5% to 6% per annum return with capital returns experiencing similar growth.

The market is kept buoyant by the population of 50 000 expatriates working on the island.

Most of these are renting properties

          The price of property in Malta is defined by:

Location (Sea view and proximity to the ocean), Type (Apartment, terraced house or villa),

Number of rooms (Bedrooms and bathrooms), Size and age, State of the finish and maintenance,

Inclusion of amenities (pool, terraces and gardens), Commercial or residential


Not looking to move?

Buy property without the need of residency, buy for investment,

buy-to-let or buy to holiday


Need Residency or Citizenship?

Malta’s Individual Investor Program (IIP) has been rated by as one of the best

European citizenship-by-investment programs

Purchase of property a pre-requisite