Malta’s Economic Outlook 2024

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Malta has a small but robust economy that is heavily dependent on foreign trade and services. The country's strategic location [...]

Malta a gem of an island in the Mediterranean Sea

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If you have no idea what Malta looks like have a peek at the following video  

Buying Maltese Property as a Foreigner

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WHY CHOOSE MALTA Together with perpetual sunshine, picture-perfect beaches, stunning rocky coves and some of the clearest waters in the Mediterranean, [...]

New Residency Programme: The Start-up Residency

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The Start-up Residency Programme is for Non-EU nationals who wish to set up highly innovative, highly disruptive startups. It is [...]

Annual Events in Malta you need to know about

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Malta events vary considerably in genre from live music performances to dance, visual arts and food and drink festivals The Arts [...]

Special Designated Areas (SDA)

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What are Special Designated Areas Special Designated Areas (SDA's) is a status granted to qualifying developments of apartments and penthouses, [...]

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