Sunsets have always been an inspiration and what a wonderful time of day to exercise and self-reflect. The Maltese archipelago landscape consists of elevated areas, like the Dingli cliffs on the Western side of Malta and low lying, sea level areas to the Eastern part of Malta and Gozo.

What better way of doing some cardio during your stay in Malta, than exercising at sunset at the following beautiful places.


According to Antoine Borg Micallef writing for “il-Bizzilla” magazine “Dingli Cliffs boasts some of the most stunning views of the Mediterranean Sea and the recently resurfaced road running along this site provides plenty of comfortable and flat terrain ideal for activities such as cycling and jogging


If you are into walking or hiking then some of Malta’s more rugged areas maybe better suited to you.This might give you more time to appreciate the beautiful colours of  the sunset. Areas that you can venture to are the villages of Mgarr and Siggiewi which offer some spectacular natural landscapes. Hiking trails and walking paths can be picked up in areas like Ghar Lapsi,Fawwara and Bingemma. There are similar walking or hiking trails on Gozo, look at the areas of Xlendi, Munxar and Dwejra.


In the same article Antoine Borg Micallef states ” Another great way to squeeze in a bit of exercise during your stay in Malta, is to visit the sandy beaches of Golden Bay, Gnejna and Ghajn Tuffieha. Whether it is swimming, beach volley ball, or even yoga, these spots will allow you to capture the sunset in full force as the sun sinks into the calm watery horizon


Original Article:The best spots to exercise at sunset

Written by: Antoine Borg Micallef

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