Malta offers a permanent residency programme known as the Malta Permanent Residency Programme (MPRP)

Residency acquired under this route grants the holder permanent residency with the right to reside, settle and stay in Malta as well as travel within the European Schengen Area without a visa.

Legal Basis

The new Malta Permanent Residency Programme and the proposed regulations under the Immigration Act, will provide the ability for applicants, with a clean background, the right to apply for Maltese residence. This will done on the following basis, a contribution to Malta, the purchases or rental of a property as well as a donation to a registered Maltese NGO.


  • MPRP is open to all non-EU nationals
  • All family is eligible. Family applications include the spouse, parents of both the main applicant and spouse, and children under the age of 26 or  older if they are financially dependant on the main applicant
  • Applicants need to provide evidence that they hold € 500 000 in capital of which € 150 000 is in the form of financial assets
  • Applicants must have a valid travel document
  • Applicants must have travel insurance covering their presence in Malta


  • Rent or purchase a qualifying property (minimum values apply)
  • Pay a Government non refundable contribution of € 68 000 if you purchase a property or € 98 000 if you are renting a property
  • Make a donation of € 2 000 to an approved registered philanthropic organisation or Maltese NGO

Process and Timeline

  • Month 1
  • Prepare application and supporting documents.
  • Submit Residency Application and Initial Government Contribution Deposit of €10,000
  • Month 2 to 6
  • Government application processing and due diligence
  • Month 7 
  • Application approved in principle.
  • The 2nd Government contribution due of € 30 000
  • Month 8
  • Lease/purchase property
  •  Health Insurance
  • Charity Donation
  • Submit proof of requirements satisfied
  • 3rd and final  Government contribution payment ( depending whether you have purchased property or are renting) the balance amount will be € 28 000  if you have purchased or € 58 000 if you are renting
  • Residence cards issued