Malta is probably the only European Island country where you can arrive and immediately start communicating with the locals. Sometimes we forget this salient point as a very important factor that allows ex-pats to settle so easily.

In places like France, Spain, Italy, Greece the language barrier tends to make communication difficult, although the Austrians and Germans are much better at helping you out. While in malta, you are greeted straight away, you will understand all signage and traffic signs.

The British blessed Malta with their rule and if there was one thing that they left behind, it is the English Language.  English must be the widest spoken language around the world.  Foreigners from South Africa, Botswana, Britain, America, Australia and New Zealand have always mentioned that having some 95% of the Maltese people speaking English makes holidaying, relocating or doing business in Malta so much easier.

If you are looking for a job, where else in Europe can you move where you can work in your field while still talking in your language. The language factor is also a key selling point when recruiting people. Eurostat end of 2021 says Malta has an ex-pat population of over 100 000. Employment is mostly in the iGaming Industry, Finance, Software and the Internet. This strategically positioned Island is achieving success  in recruiting highly qualified individuals from the various sectors and at a fast pace.

When signing any documentation in malta, it is good to note that property rental agreements as well as promises of sales (Konvenji), any type of legal documents are all written in English. This does make for a smoother process rather than having to translate every paper  before signing.  Of course, if English is not your primary language, in Malta there are excellent Translation companies that may translate any legal documents pertaining to the sale or rental of your home in Malta.

The English language definitely is a critical consideration when thinking of relocating.