I have owned and rented out property in Malta for the last 12 years.

I have partnered with  credible and trusted property agents and specialists in Malta. My collaboration with these agents allows me access to the best properties and developments on the island, often before they are even released to the market place, thereby giving my clients superb deals.

​I pride myself that I provide you with as much information as possible on any property or development that you are interested in. My services include assisting you with ​​short and long-term rentals as well as purchasing a property.

Before your visit to Malta ,I need to understand your property needs , so I can set you up with the right property partner.  They will give you an island orientation tour to view the areas and properties that may interest you.

If you can’t get to Malta you are able to view properties virtually.

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Residency and Citizenship

​I have partnered with an outstanding legal team in Malta, offering you the best advise regarding the appropriate residence or citizenship programme.

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I have partnered with Elephant Tree Capital , investment brokers offering financial planning, investment, stockbroking and estate planning. Being a Maltese registered company, owned and run by South Africans, makes them ideal for clients who want to be financially independent seeking direct investment avenues in Europe.


Malta Invest is a reputable company specialising in investment properties in Malta. Our primary focus is to provide exceptional services to both local and international clients seeking investment opportunities in the Maltese real estate market. With our extensive knowledge of procedures and connections with key individuals in Malta, we are well equipped to assist non-EU nationals in obtaining residency in the country. Our team is dedicated to ensuring smooth and efficient process for our clients, connecting them to the right people and resources to meet their specific needs. Trust Malta Invest to guide you through the intricacies of property investment and residency in Malta

My services are free of charge, I get remunerated by my Maltese associates and include 

A free consultation with me to find out your needs

A free no obligation consultation with our attorneys to give you advices on tax, residency and citizenship issues.

An experienced property agent at your disposal before and during your visit to Malta. They will provide an island orientation and property viewing trip, looking at property with your pre-arranged requirements.

Hotel accommodation benefiting from our corporate rates at many central hotels

Transfers from/ to the airport can be organised.