Elephant Tree Capital is a global investment firm that serves leading businesses, families and individuals

Our purpose is to offer our clients a fully integrated investment process, based on the principle of long term professional relationships.

The main purpose of our investment methodology is to help our clients to make informed decisions about the investment landscape, as well as to ensure returns on investments.


  • Financial Planning
  • Investments
  • Stockbroking
  • Estate Planning & Immigration


  • As a strategic partner representing our client’s interests, we understand their needs, concerns, expectations and goals;
  • Our interests remain true to our clients and are driven by one goal only – the preservation and wealth creation of the client’s investment portfolio;
  • As a true Partner we, invest in our own assets the same way and in the same product as the clients;
  • We always act on the client’s behalf because our loyalty is to our clients not to any bank or supplier of financial products;
  • We provide unbiased and independent advice to bring you solutions that fit your personal situation within the particular market environment;
  • We work with you as we work with our colleagues: with honesty, integrity, professionalism and, at all times, an emphasis on flexibility driven by client requirements;
  • We place a strong emphasis on personal service and on building lifetime relationships with our clients.

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