There are compelling reasons for investing offshore

1. On average the rand has depreciated by approximately 6% p.a over a rolling 5 year period contributing to an offshore investment’s overall rand return

2. The analysis shows that the exchange rate between the rand and the dollar/euro when you first invest in an                                    offshore investment doesn’t have a big effect on the overall long-term return. This analysis looks at whether the rand had gone up or down in value over the previous year, which gives an idea of how investors think the currency will perform in the future. However, the findings suggest that this factor doesn’t have a significant impact on the overall returns you can expect from your offshore investment over a longer period of time.

3. When investing offshore, investors should therefor take a longer-term view and more importantly carefully choose where it is that you invest.

4. A shrewd investment offshore, as part of a portfolio diversification, may enhance returns and reduce risk of a single currency exposure which may be impacted by currency depreciation or political events


Buying an investment property in Malta can offer several advantages that contribute to potential growth in your portfolio. Here are some key points to consider

1. Strong Real Estate Market: Malta has experienced a robust real estate market in recent years, with steady price growth and high demand for properties. This trend is driven by factors such as a growing economy, increasing tourism, and a limited supply of housing.

2. Rental Income Potential: Malta’s popularity as a tourist destination and a hub for international businesses creates a strong demand for rental properties. Investing in a property in Malta can provide a reliable source of rental income, The survey reveals that property prices in Malta escalated by 4.6% annually, with a corresponding surge of 17.5% in rental prices.

3. Capital Appreciation: Over the years, property values in Malta have shown consistent appreciation. The limited supply of land and properties, coupled with high demand, has contributed to a steady increase in property prices. This can lead to capital appreciation and potential gains when you decide to sell the property in the future. Malta’s home prices have increased by 26.3% in 5 years according to eurostat.

4. Favorable Tax Environment: Malta offers attractive tax incentives for property owners, including a relatively low property tax rate and various deductions for property-related expenses. These favorable tax policies can enhance the overall return on your investment.

5. Stable Economy and Political Environment: Malta has a stable economy and political system, which provides a favorable investment climate. This stability reduces the risk associated with investing in the country and contributes to the long-term growth potential of your portfolio.

It’s important to note that while the rand depreciated by 6 % p.a over the last 5 years, the growth of a property investment in Malta, in Euro terms, increased by 23.6% , these factors indicate the potential for growth. Investment decisions should be made based on thorough research, market analysis, and consultation with  professionals.

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