What are Special Designated Areas

Special Designated Areas (SDA’s) is a status granted to qualifying developments of apartments and penthouses, that allow both EU and non-EU nationals to purchase property in Malta with the same acquisition rights as Maltese citizens and without the need to obtain an AIP permit (Acquisition of Immovable Property).

This allows Third Country Nationals the right to  purchase an investment property for rental and also the right to acquire more than one property

Buying a Property in Malta as a Non-EU Resident

As a Non-EU Resident, it is still possible to acquire immovable property in Malta through an AIP Permit ( Acquisition of immovable property), as a primary residence. You are able to buy anywhere on the island, but only one property

If you are wanting to purchase and second property or an investment property to rent out you will need to buy in a SDA ( Specially Designated Area)

These zones have no restrictions to acquire a property. The high-end areas include:

  1. Kalkara, The Shoreline Residences
  2. Sliema, Tigne Point Residences
  3. St Julian’s, Portomaso Development
  4. Mellieha, Tas-Sellum Residence
  5. Madliena Village, Madliena
  6. Marsascala , Ta’Monita Residence
  7. St Julian’s, Pender Gardens
  8. Sliema, Fort Cambridge
  9. Vittoriosa, St Angelo Mansions
  10. Mellieha, Southridge
  11. St Julian’s, Mercury Towers
  12. St Julian’s, Mercury Suites
  13. St Julian’s, Portomasa Laguna
  14. Gozo, Fort Chambray
  15. Gozo, Kempinski Residences
  16. Gozo , Vista Point
  17. Commercial SDAs
  18. Mriehel , The Quad Business Towers


Expenses related to the purchase of property

  • 5% stamp duty of purchase price
  • 1% to 3% notarial fee (approximate)of purchase price
  • €600 searches and registration fees (approximately)
  • €233 AIP permit fee (where applicable)