One-On-One Meetings in South Africa in April

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Malta Emerges as a Premier Investment and Relocation Destination for South Africans Malta Invest and Frank Salt are excited to [...]

Discovering Malta: Who Relocates, Culture, Language etc.

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Who Usually Moves to Malta? Typically, Malta attracts a diverse range of individuals and groups who choose to relocate to [...]

Highly Qualified Persons Programme

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The Malta Highly Qualified Persons Rules builds on the success of Malta’s reputation in attracting highly professional individuals seeking an alternative residence [...]

Malta’s Property Investment, does the Exchange Rate really matter over the Long Term?

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There are compelling reasons for investing offshore 1. On average the rand has depreciated by approximately 6% p.a over a [...]

Investigate Malta: Eu Access , Schengen Visa and Property Value Advantages

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South Africans are facing various challenges like a weak currency, safety concerns, government leadership issues, cost of living increases and [...]

Boomtime for Malta’s Property Market Offering Optimal Investing Opportunities

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The Outlook for 2024 The outlook for the Maltese property market remains positive. One added PLUS for the international investor [...]

Requirements for Buying Property in Malta

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Non-residents of Malta may freely purchase property in Malta, subject to obtaining an AIP permit ( Acquisition of Immovable Property) [...]

Malta a gem of an island in the Mediterranean Sea

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If you have no idea what Malta looks like have a peek at the following video  

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