With a 20% deposit required, an interest rate of 3% expected to remain constant, Malta is an attractive country when thinking of buying a property. With the advantage of zero rates and taxes, capital appreciation on average is 5% per annum, Malta is a fantastic investment opportunity.


With the influx of individuals wanting to work, retirees and individuals looking to relocate, this has created a fantastic rental market in Malta. The demand is so great that it out balances the supply, which has ultimately driven up the rental prices. Historically property has been the best hedge against inflation and turmoil, and unlike stocks and shares the value of your property cannot go to zero.


If you have a diverse portfolio that is all invested in South African markets, then your eggs are, in fact, still all in one basket.Property in Malta is a tax efficient investment for you to store and grow wealth privately. Foreign currency always wins when foreign currencies strengthen against the Rand. By earning foreign income from rentals you make-up any perceived loss suffered from purchasing the property.


With the investment in property in Malta, you can open the door to a foreign residency.