Malta, as business hub,proves to be an ideal destination to relocate your business to. Malta’s close proximity to Europe and the stable environment in which you can operate, promotes business growth.



Benefits of Relocating your Business to Malta


  • Malta has a highly skilled, flexible and English-speaking workforce, a favourable tax regime, and several fiscal and financial business incentives.


  • Buoyant and Stable Economy –  Moody’s rate Malta A3 and Fitch A+ for 2018. Only Malta and Germany registered growth during the 2008 financial crisis compared to all other EU nations.


  • When starting up or relocating, the availability of industrial premises are at competitively low rates


  • A Tax-efficient jurisdiction – despite a rather high 35% corporate tax, Malta’s tax regime provides for a number of reductions (2/3, 5/7 and 6/7). As a result, the shareholder is entitled to a refund on tax paid by the company and therefore the effective tax rate is reduced significantly to between 0% – 10%.


  • Malta has also entered into over 70 double tax treaties which provide for relief from double taxation.


  • A strong national commitment in attracting foreign investment, Malta, as a business hub, is ready for business with opportunities for  both investors and businesses


  • Malta is a jurisdiction where small SME’s looking to raise finance and where large multinational companies seeking to extend their operations to a cost-effective European business hub, can thrive.


  • Malta has been successful in attracting various industries. Those include the  financial services sector, funds and fund managers as well as the iGaming and the Pharmaceuticals  sector. Malta continues to invest in these industries.


  • Malta has been a hub for iGaming companies since 2004,  The strict regulations together with a the low tax regime for gaming companies has changed Malta into a true hub.


  • Robust laws based on EU legislation.


  • High professionalism in business support services.


  • A strong banking system


Malta offers listing options that grant international visibility to large companies


1.Official Listing on the Malta Stock Exchange (MSE) offering the benefit of an EU jurisdiction ,with international visibility and is deemed to be a gateway to the European market


2. The Malta Alternative Companies List (ACL) is a Malta Stock Exchange initiative aimed at providing listing opportunities                                                for companies and investors with the potential to grow, yet do not fulfil the rigorous requirements for MSA Official Listing. Listing on the ACL offers the benefit of EU Passporting, as well as, international recognition.


3.Prospects is market regulated as a multi-lateral trading facility and operated by the MSE. Prospects is aimed at Small and Medium-sized Enterprises, facilitating their access to the capital markets.


Prospects is fully compliant with Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (MiFID) which matches the regulation of investment services and Multilateral Trading Facilities (MTFs) at EU level