Deciding to relocate abroad to move closer to a loved one, for a new job or simply to start a new life, is not for the feint hearted. The more prepared you are the easier it is to tackle the intricate and complex  steps of an international move.

Through Malta Invest we offer the following essential services to assist you move more easily.

Relocation Assistance

Schedule a call with us to receive:

  • professional advice about the relocation process, steps, and timelines;
  • An insider introduction to Malta
  • Essential destination information about property to buy or rent, taxes, healthcare and schools.

Assisting you put your relocation plans in motion.

Visa and Work Permit Advice

We will facilitate a no cost, no obligation call to our attorneys to assist with the following:

  • which are the best visa and work permit options for you;
  • Which documents are needed to start to application for Residency or Citizenship

The call will give you the tools to move forward with confidence.

International Moving and Storage

An introduction to our skilled international movers who will assist you with the following

  • free international moving quote
  • tailored packing, shipping, storage, and delivery services that fit your needs.

Forex transfers

An introduction to the company that Malta Invest uses for all Forex transfers to Malta.

  • Free quote on the cost to transfer funds
  • Receive a better transfer rate than offered by the banks

Looking for property to rent or buy

Malta Invest works with the biggest estate agency on Malta offering the following

  • Experienced agents who have dealt with many South Africans
  • Many of these agents have visited South Africa for seminars over the last 15 years
  • The biggest selection of properties on the Island whether for purchase or rental

More information on relocation click on our Relocation checklist