Country Views or Seaside Views?

Malta being an island of 32km’s long and 14km’s wide, no matter where you are, the sea is never far away.

In time gone by, whether you had a property with a view or not made no difference and did not impact on the value of the property. In recent times, having a view, be it of the sea or the country, has become one of the biggest selling points of any property. Also the proximity of your property to the sea adds more value.

Reasons for this

Society over the years has shifted to having and enjoying a quality lifestyle , where you  take pleasure being in your home, rather than a home just being a place to sleep, rejuvenate and be ready for the next days work. Socially and economically emphasis has changed on how we regard our homes and lifestyle.

For any property to have sea or countryside views or to be within walking distance to beaches and promenades opens you up to getting more for your investment.

If you were in the renting market, especially targeting the tourism market for short lets ( holiday lets) you would be able to command a much higher daily rate for your property if it had the views and good location.

Also when selling your property the good location and views give you a better chance of selling at a premium price to foreign investors, expats, retirees and those wanting a second home.

The demand for apartments and penthouses with a view.

Add to that the fact that many sought-after apartments and penthouses in Malta and Gozo are just across the street from promenades, beaches and close to tourist hotspots or you may even have a house of character that is located on a cliff edge with views over the Gozo channel! What could be better than sitting on your terrace, large balcony or in your living room with a glass of wine peering at everything that is going on? Properties with views are undoubtedly more expensive for good reason, but their value continues to climb and they hold their ground extremely well during times of recession or economic uncertainty.

Investing in a home with impressive, guaranteed views is thus guaranteed to bring in handsome dividends during its lifetime and upon selling it.