Malta offers a captivating blend of Italian, Arab, and British influences, creating a unique and unforgettable experience. From Union Jack souvenirs to left-side driving, the island’s diverse cultural mix is evident everywhere. The fascinating fusion of civilizations allows you to enjoy the beach, explore historic palazzos, cruise in a colourful Luzzu fishing boat, and visit ancient ruins—all before midday. With so much to explore, Malta may seem overwhelming for first-time visitors. But don’t worry! Malta invest has crafted a comprehensive three-day itinerary that includes must-see attractions, hidden gems, and insider tips. Let’s begin this exciting journey!

Know before you go!

Malta’s beauty shines throughout the year. Winter brings sunny and mild weather, with an average daily low of 9 degrees. For beachgoers, the best time to visit is between July and September, when temperatures rise above 30 degrees. If you prefer a balance of sun without extreme heat, consider visiting during the shoulder months of May, June, and September

On Sundays, most shops are closed, so it’s important to plan ahead if you need to purchase souvenirs or groceries. From Monday to Saturday, you can typically find shops and commercial outlets open from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m., and then again from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m., with some businesses extending their hours until 10 p.m.

Transportation options in Malta and Gozo are diverse and convenient.

You can explore the islands by taking advantage of the regular bus service, including the hop-on-hop-off bus, which covers major tourist areas. The bus system is known for being affordable, dependable, and eco-friendly. To plan your journey and purchase bus tickets, consider using the user-friendly Tallinja app or paying the bus driver directly.

Additionally, ferries connect Malta to Gozo and other destinations like Comino, offering a quick and scenic way to travel between islands. For a unique experience, traditional Maltese boats can take you to Malta’s Three Cities or opt for a water taxi from Sliema harbor to Valletta.

Taxis are readily available throughout the islands, with fixed tariffs for trips from the airport and Seaport Terminal. You can easily book a taxi using apps like eCabs or Malta Taxi, and rideshare services like Uber are also operational in the area.

Day 1

Morning: Valletta

In the morning, explore Valletta, Malta’s captivating capital with rich history and stunning architecture. Visit Fort Saint Elmo to delve into its role during the Great Siege of 1565, touring the fort’s ramparts, barracks, and underground tunnels is a thrilling immersion into Malta’s history. Then head to St. John’s Co-Cathedral to admire its Baroque interiors and Caravaggio’s masterpiece. Don’t forget to check out the Valletta City Gate project by architect Renzo Piano before lunch, offering a blend of old and new architecture.Check the theatre’s schedule in advance to catch an open-air performance of popular operas.

Afternoon: The Three Cities

Enjoy a gourmet meal at Valletta’s Legligin bistro, known for its hyper-local dishes. Then, explore the Three Cities—Vittoriosa, Senglea, and Cospicua—across Valletta’s Grand Harbour. For a unique experience consider a traditional Luzzu fishing boat ride leaving from the base of Fort Lascaris to a dock near Boiler Wharf, Senglea .Visit historical sites like Fort St Angelo and St. Lawrence’s Catholic Church in Vittoriosa, and explore the charming streets and fortifications of Cospicua and Senglea.

Evening: Wine tasting and fine dining

Malta, despite being one of the smallest wine-producing countries globally, offers a unique opportunity to taste local grapes like girgentina and gellewza. Dive into the country’s intriguing wine culture with a visit to Marsovin in Marsa, near Valletta. Explore the 400-year-old cellars and sample their renowned wines, including a sparkling variety crafted using the Méthode Traditionelle, akin to Champagne’s double fermentation process.

There’s an incredible array of authentic local restaurants in Valletta that offer both traditional and contemporary Maltese flavors. From celebrated Michelin-starred restaurants to bustling steakhouses and harbourfront eateries, Valletta’s dining scene offers endless possibilities

Day 2

Morning: Mdina

Embark on a 30-minute journey from Valletta to the historic walled city of Mdina, Malta’s former capital. Whether you opt for a car rental or public transportation (look out for buses numbered 51, 52, or 53), the trip promises a delightful experience. Upon arrival, wander through the maze-like streets in search of St. Paul’s Cathedral, adorned with paintings by the renowned Italian Baroque artist Mattia Preti. Adjacent to the cathedral lies Palazzo de Piro, a 17th-century mansion housing two museums—the Mdina Cathedral Museum and the Museum of Tools, Trades, and Traditions—where art exhibitions and jazz performances are regular occurrences. Before departing, take a moment to savor a coffee in the picturesque courtyard. For those still eager for museum exploration, venture to Palazzo Falson Historic House to admire its collection of decorative arts, including Venetian glassware and Oriental carpets. Alternatively, step outside the city walls and pause for a relaxing break in the charming square of Pjazza Mesquita, a location familiar to fans of Game of Thrones.

Afternoon: Rabat, Blue Grotto and Beach

Now it’s time to explore Rabat, the town adjoining Mdina, where the main attraction is St Paul’s Catacombs,  for those of you who are not claustrophobic. The 2,000 square meters underground Roman burial site is the largest archaeological evidence of Christianity in Malta.

A 20 minutes drive from Rabat takes you to the coast and the limestone cliffs that make up the Blue Grotto, a natural wonder, is a network of six caves, boasting the most stunning views and clearest waters on the Maltese Island

Now spend the rest of your day in the coastal town of Sliema, a popular vacation spot in the northeast of Malta. Stretch out on Balluta Bay Beach—an eye-popping stretch of sand backed by the magnificent Knisja tal-Karmnu church—or stroll the boardwalk connecting Sliema and the neighboring resort town of Saint Julian’s.

Evening: Dinner out

If you are looking for a romantic dinner away from the busy areas of Valletta, St Julians or Sliema, drive 10 minutes northwest of Sliema to Madliena Lodge.   Take in the sunset and superb view of the sea on the sprawling outdoor patio.antic hilltop restaurant with a sprawling outdoor terrace and sweeping views of the sea.  On colder nights, you can choose a table indoors in a covered courtyard next to a wood-burning fireplace. Savor Italian specials like homemade gnocchi with charred octopus and preserved lemon, then top it off with Sicilian ice cream.

Day 3

Morning: Island hopping

Malta is made up of 3 main islands: Malta (the largest), Gozo, Comino.   If you’re feeling active, you can easily do Gozo (the second largest island) and Comino (the smallest) together by joining an organized boat tour. Set aside a full day to explore and discover the attractions of Gozo, which is home to dozens of beaches and scuba-diving sites as well as around 46 churches.

Your first stop is the world-famous Blue Lagoon. The ferry, Comino Ferry co-op will take you from Malta to the blue lagoon in 25 minutes. Spend the morning there, soaking up the sun  in turquoise waters. Or, lace up your hiking boots and hit the trails that wind around the car-free island and lead to attractions like Santa Marija Tower, built by the Knights in 1618 and famous for its cameo in the Count of Monte Cristo.

The Comino ferry co-op will then pick you up and continue from the Blue lagoon on to the island of Gozo. You would then return to Malta via the normal Gozo Chanel ferry from the harbour of Mgarr. This round trip will cost € 15 per person

Afternoon: Scenic tour of Gozo

Gozo offers plenty of attractions in the form of salt pans, wineries and breweries, and the alluring capital city of Victoria.Maybe the easiest way to tour Gozo would be on the hop-on-hop-off sightseeing bus, which makes 14 scenic stops over the course of 2.5 hours. You can pick it up at the Mgarr Harbour ferry terminal  and bring you back here for your ferry back to Malta, but be advised that service ends each day at 3:45.

Alternatively take the 301 bus a half-hour to Victoria, where the main attraction is the jaw-dropping hilltop Citadel. There are a series of chapels within the complex as well as an archeology museum, but most visitors come for the stunning scenery

Evening: Your final night, dinner

Catch the ferry back from Gozo and stop at the village of Mellieha, a 10 minutes drive from the ferry.

Set on a hill-top in the north west of Malta, the picturesque village of Mellieha and is home to the largest sandy beach in Malta. Dine at one of the many seaside restaurants like Munchies,Blu Beach club or one of the restaurants up on the hill. These included The Core restaurant on the village square or Mithna. 


If you plan to visit Malta, from the moment you step foot on island soil, you’ll be greeted with a smile and a warm welcome. This genuine friendliness adds a special touch to your travel experience and when mixed with the laid-back Mediterranean vibes and endless sunshine, it is impossible not to feel relaxed while travelling here. So if you are thinking, “Why go to Malta?”, the warm, island hospitality is a reason in itself to visit.

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