Malta besides being an EU member, is also a member of the Commonwealth and have a well established relationship with the UK. There is therefor an understanding that neither citizens with face negative experiences.

Malta, the first of the EU member states to do so, has now introduced a new 10 year ‘special’ EU residence permit for British nationals post Brexit. British nationals can now put their minds at ease, as UK nationals already living in Malta and British nationals who opt to take up this ‘special’ residency programme, can do so while still retaining their UK passport.

Malta’s Prime Minister Joseph Muscat announced this initiative in January 2019, plus another 36 actions points that Malta is looking at in case of a no-deal Brexit. Some of these action points deal with residency, custom procedures, the health sector and connectivity.

Some 13,000 Britons live in Malta, which was a British colony until 1964, and a third of all the tourists who visit the small Mediterranean island come from Britain. 

“Britons already living here have nothing to worry about because of Brexit,” Muscat said. Those working in Malta could continue to do so, and students already here would also be able to continue their studies. 

Britons who move to Malta after Brexit would also be able to receive a 10 year full residency permit, but their rights would be like other third-country nationals, he said. The application for the permit will be free of charge for those citizens already living in Malta prior to March 2019, and a nominal fee for those who come to live in Malta afterwards.

This residence permit will reflect the fact that UK nationals are no longer EU nationals but a special category of EU national who have moved to Malta. It intends to protect the life choices made by these UK nationals when the UK was still a member of the EU”, said Mr Muscat.

The length of the validity of the resident permit is that of 10 years. Unprecedented as all other residence permits are valid between 3 to 5 years before renewal.

There are also plans to allow British citizens living in Malta to vote in local elections in the case of a no-deal Brexit.

Furthermore, Malta will be retaining its system where British citizens married to their Maltese partners, can apply for Maltese citizenship after 5 years.