Malta property continues to be a preferred investment for investors looking for non-cyclical long term investments. Its stability over other classes continues to attract capital in an otherwise uncertain investment or political environment for South Africans.


Malta has experienced intensive construction activity, especially in the residential and commercial property sector followed by a remarkable rise in property prices characterised by steady growth. 2017 being one of the best years for the property market and 2018 shaping up to be another high profile year.
A Eurostat review states that in 2017 house prices in Malta went up 4.3%, the second highest increase in the EU,with Ireland recording the highest at +5.7%, according to official statistics. 

The Central Bank of Malta said that most of the above success can be attributed to various sectors including:


  1. the Individual Investor Programme (IIP) Citizenship Programme and Residency Programmes
  2. stamp duty exemption for first-time buyers
  3. a low interest rate environment, which led to higher lending for house purchases;
  4. growth in disposable income as unemployment is at a low of 3.5%; and
  5. an increased number of foreign workers in Malta.


Two key facts almost guarantee the long term profitability of property assets held in Malta.  Firstly, the country’s geographic status as an island!  Simply put, the infrastructure limits of the island and the amount of available property in Malta is restricted because of the islands physical size.  Secondly, Malta is universally attractive to holiday makers, retirees and those looking for a place in the sun, so both the demand for rental property and property for sale in Malta, rise annually.


The healthy demand by locals, complemented by overseas buyers, on the amount of available property because of the physical restriction, are the unique conditions that have created the ultimate investment hotspot for an international real estate investor.


With the interest rates on a downward trend, the Maltese property market has seen a stabilisation of the advertised property prices, so rental returns have never been better. All things considered, today’s property market presents a notable investment opportunity and is the ideal structure for property investors.


The future prospects for Malta’s property market from an investor’s point of view are very positive indeed.  Malta ultimately offers a very safe environment for a real estate buyer looking to make an income and a steady increase in the value of the property asset.  As Malta is not an emerging economy, massive price increases and huge escalation in demand for property for sale and rent are unlikely to occur, rather the appeal of the island will continue and income, yields and growth will steadily rise.


There has never been a better opportunity to invest in property in Malta!


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