Houses of character display rare architectural features, are often located in village cores and they tell a story of past generations. Some houses of character in Malta and Gozo date back to more than 500 years. They are hard to come by and will never lose their value as the dwindling availability of such properties keeps pushing up their value. Over the years they have become most sought after properties.

As a buyer, if you are looking for a more spacious property, houses of character are much bigger, often including an outside space and have the added advantage of coming with the ownership of the roof and airspace.

Typically situated in the heart of a village, usually close to a church, houses of character are often in Urban Conservation Areas (UCA ), giving them a level of protection.

The government recently announced a scheme to incentivise owners to sell properties in these areas while attracting buyers. This budget measure waives stamp duty and taxes on UCA properties on the first €750,000 of the property’s value.

Typical Houses of Character Features

Typically houses of character often have ceilings constructed of stone slabs which are called xorok and the arches that protrude from either side of expansive room’s walls to meet in the middle – supporting the roof – are individually called a kileb. Other distinctive features are large limestone flagstones and traditional Maltese balcony’s .These are all ancient methods of building and construction and  are something buyers find irresistible

Converted or Unconverted Houses of Character

Today, many owners of houses of character have successfully renovated and updated these millennia-old homes, preserving the unique features, bringing them right into the 21st century. Originally these homes had no plumbing or electricity to start with, so those in an original state will require an investor to start updating them from scratch. However, many buyers cherish the thought of starting out with a home that is still in its pure and original state, undiluted by the passing of time.

Converting houses of character is not an easy process – some of these are situated in tiny alleys or require manual labour to safeguard their characteristics. It is a technical process compared to doing up a modern house, as experts, and sometimes the authorities are involved.

The more expensive route is to buy an already renovated and refurbished house of character. Successful upgrades and renovations are truly stunning and many of these homes have graced the pages of prestigious international interior design and decorating magazines. Being an owner of a house of character is belonging to a very elite and exclusive club.

Demand for Houses of Character

Houses of Character are Malta’s most sought after homes. Demand for these houses, because of their near cult status, has increased as any estate agent can testify. However for many buyers the price has never been an issue as it’s more about owning one of these sought after homes. Sadly the numbers of “move-in ready” ones that people are willing to part with, are becoming scarce as more and more owners are holding on to their beloved houses of character.

Soon the only option will be to take the plunge and go for an un-renovated one…and we advise anyone to do this sooner rather than later, as less and less are coming on the market

We have a varied selection of such properties for sale and there’s never been a better time to buy a house of character. Get in touch with us now to find you the best character home that meets your requirements.

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