Despite Malta’s diminutive size, the country is considered as one of the most developed countries in the entire region, it is commonly known as an access point to European, North African, and Middle Eastern markets. Malta has been a member of the European Union since the year 2004, and since then it has consistently worked towards attracting investors and visitors to boost and develop its economy.

There are many benefits that you will gain once you decide to invest and move to Malta: 

1- Malta’s health care system: Post Covid, Malta’s healthcare system has become on of the most trusted in the whole European Union

2- The Education: Malta has two official languages, the Maltese and the English language, this gives many opportunities for students to be able to pursue their studies in the English language.

3- The Climate: Malta’s Mediterranean climate offers hot summers and mild winters.

4- Taxation benefits: Malta’s taxation system is considered among the best in Europe, with many benefits and incentives that can benefit your investment journey.

5- The Unemployment rates: Due to the rapid business growth in Malta, the unemployment rates for the past 3 years in Malta are among the lowest in Europe, as there are many job and career opportunities on the island

6- Malta’s infrastructure: Malta’s has created an independent Ministry for developing infrastructure in the country, such as transportation, capital projects, planning and property markets to enhance and improve the quality of Maltese citizens and investors who are constantly relocating to the country.

7- Mobility of the Maltese Passport Holders; Maltese citizens and passport holders enjoy visa-free travel to 182 countries and destinations around the world, the Maltese passport is currently ranked as the 7th strongest passport in the world (as of September 2019).