The Inter Nations online magazine described Malta as a great place for ‘fun in the sun’.

Malta has been voted the second friendliest nation in the world, according to a survey.


The research found the Maltese are among the friendliest people on Earth, behind the Taiwanese in first place.

Malta ranked well ahead of Scotland, Ireland, New Zealand, Australia, Canada, Spain and the United States.



It said: ‘Malta is in the top 10 for every index that makes up the overall ranking.


‘This Mediterranean country performs best in the ease of settling in index, coming in fourth place.


‘It is first in terms of settling down, getting used to the local culture, and making new friends.


‘Almost a half of expats say it is very easy to settle down in Malta, well over twice the global average.’



The magazine continued: ‘In the personal finance index, Malta has made a quite significant jump, from 42nd to 6th place.


‘Malta holds sixth place in the quality of life index, with outstanding ratings for climate and weather.


‘Three quarters of expats say they couldn’t be more pleased with life in Malta.’



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