In Malta, there are currently no Michelin star restaurants. However, there are several Michelin Bib Gourmand restaurants that have been recognized for their exceptional value and quality. These establishments offer a diverse range of cuisines and showcase the culinary talent present in Malta.

When evaluating restaurants for the Michelin Bib Gourmand distinction, the Michelin Guide considers several criteria. These criteria focus on identifying establishments that offer exceptional value for money while maintaining high-quality food and a memorable dining experience. Here are some key factors that Michelin inspectors look for:

1. Quality of ingredients: Michelin Bib Gourmand restaurants are expected to use fresh, high-quality ingredients in their dishes. The ingredients should be carefully selected and prepared to ensure a delicious and satisfying meal.

2. Flavors and taste: The flavors and taste of the food served at Bib Gourmand restaurants should be exceptional. The dishes should be well-seasoned, balanced, and showcase the culinary skills of the chefs.

3. Value for money: Bib Gourmand restaurants are known for providing excellent value for the price paid. The meals offered should be reasonably priced, considering the quality and portion sizes. The overall dining experience should exceed expectations for the cost.

4. Consistency: Consistency is crucial for Bib Gourmand restaurants. The quality of the food and the dining experience should be consistently high, ensuring that customers have a positive experience each time they visit.

5. Local and regional cuisine: Bib Gourmand restaurants often highlight local and regional cuisine, showcasing the culinary traditions and flavors of the area. The dishes should reflect the authenticity and uniqueness of the local gastronomy.

6. Ambiance and service: While the focus is primarily on the food, the ambiance and service also play a role in the evaluation. The restaurant should provide a pleasant and welcoming atmosphere, and the staff should be attentive and knowledgeable about the menu.

Depending on where you are wanting to visit in Malta ,you can choose from a Michelin list of restaurants to visit.

If in Valletta:

The Harbour Club: Take in impressive views over the Grand Harbour from the sunny terrace or head down to the appealing restaurant below; the building was constructed in the 18C as an ice house and provides a unique and intimate setting. Well-presented, creative dishes showcase some top island ingredients.

Aki: Look for the entrance to this sleek, stylish basement restaurant next to the Embassy Hotel, and once inside, grab a cocktail from the bar running along one side of the room. Every table has a view of the open kitchen; watch the chefs as they carefully prepare Asian-inspired – mostly Japanese – dishes. Salmon tiradito and scallop roll are the favourite choices from our inspectors.

Under Grain: Enter the Rosselli Hotel and descend via the lift to this elegant cellar restaurant, where you walk past the kitchen before entering into a dining room with a vaulted stone ceiling and dark, moody décor. Under Grain is inspired by Merchant Street’s former tailor shops and evidence of this theme is all around, from the sewing pattern menu to the clothing displays – and even a pin-cushion bill-holder.
As a tailor would create something exquisite from cloth, the chef here does the same with fine ingredients, skilfully applying his talent to produce a beautiful end product

If in Rabat:

Grotto Tavern: Boasting an excellent location in the historic centre of Rabat, this restaurant full of character boasts a bar, a garden room and a “cave room”, the latter a grotto which has been excavated out of the limestone rock and is available for private dining (book in advance). The Mediterranean cuisine bears the signature of the new chef Mark Cauchi, who still uses local ingredients such as snails, rabbit, beef and other delicacies

Root 81: This pleasant restaurant serves Mediterranean-style cuisine skilfully prepared by the talented chef with a focus on local ingredients. The outdoor space has an attractive and relaxing vibe, plus there’s an excellent selection of wines and cocktails

If in Sliema:

The Chophouse: Its superb location on Tigné Point means that The Chophouse affords wonderful views across the harbour to Valletta, both from its modern dining room and heated terrace. The cuisine served here is influenced by culinary trends from across the globe and includes top-quality cuts of meat such as Scottona, Angus and Wagyu. These are hung and matured in an ageing cabinet in the dining room, and then grilled on one of the largest barbecue grills in Malta

Fernando Gastrotheque: A small quiet bistro in French style which is informal yet elegant, with contemporary furnishings, subtle lighting and soft background music. The highly talented chef here creates Mediterranean dishes with the occasional international touch and plenty of character, all prepared from the best seasonal ingredients. The wine list is worth a mention, featuring over 600 labels from across the globe with a particular emphasis on France and Italy. The restaurant is located in a small street at the back of the lively Sliema, a little town rich in tourism with a waterfront that features restaurants, bars and a busy promenade. The restaurant is small and intimate, and from its windows you can watch the world pass by on the street as if you were out there yourself.

If in Mellieha

Rebekah’s : This former farmstead is over 200 years old and boasts thick walls of golden Maltese rock. Prime local produce and luxury imported ingredients are used to create modern, hearty dishes with bold Mediterranean flavours. Service is overseen by the proud chef-owner; ask for a table in the central courtyard.

Commando: This warmly run, honest little restaurant has been family owned since the 1930s; its name refers back to the time when the current chef’s grandfather provided hospitality to the Royal Marines. Fresh local ingredients are accurately prepared to create satisfying dishes with subtle modern twists.

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